Air Conditioning Services in Nipawin and Area

At JT Plumbing & Heating we offer exceptional quality central air conditioners made by reputable brands.  We offer a full range of air conditioning services from small repair to new installations.  We are fully equipped and have trained staff that can service and trouble shoot existing a/c units or install a new air conditioning system.  You can also ensure your air conditioning system is running effectively by getting it cleaned and serviced.  This will help identify smaller problem before they become big ones and improve your air conditioners efficiency and performance.

We believe in product quality and service, not only today but tomorrow also.

Here are a few things to check before calling to schedule an appointment.

  • Filter – Check filter located at side of furnace and replace if dirty
  • Outdoor Condenser Unit – Make sure outdoor unit is clean and area around it is also clear
  • Power Source – Make sure power is on to the unit including the thermostat calling for cool

For over 30 years, JT Plumbing & Heating Ltd has been serving Nipawin and the surrounding area.  We offer a wide variety of product and services including many specialty parts and equipment. Stop by and chat with us about your next project.